We were born of the imagination


The Caiquén is a wild goose from Patagonia that flies across The Andes between Argentina and Chile. By embarking on this cross-border flight the Caiquén takes up a major challenge.

Just like the Caiquén, Aurelio Montes, founder of the Chilean winery Bodega Montes, made several trips across the Andes until, in 2000 he rediscovered Mendoza as a generous land filled with superb vines and hardworking people. In 2001 he realized Mendoza was the perfect place to make Kaikén Wines, wines that embody everything a great wine ought to be.

Our People

Kaiken wines are only made by free-spirited and highly experienced professionals.



Our philosophy has always been to produce premium wines, with special concern for the care of the environment and our collaborators, promoting a sustainable culture in all stages of the process of making our wines, so that our footprint on the earth is a real contribution of conservation and permanent care.

Our Wines

An attained goal is just the starting point of our next challenge as we continue to explore, discover, and grow. New journeys and dreams open up with every step.


Our wines are made with fruit from our own vineyards, located in the best terroirs in the Argentine provinces of Mendoza and Salta, which is well-known for its outstanding Torrontés.


The Kaikén Winery was built in 1920 by Italo Calise. In those early days, the winery also made olive oil, distilled beverages, and tartaric acid.

Today, the winery has the capacity to make 7 million liters of wine. Fermentation takes place in 12,000-30,000 liter tanks, which are ideal for small batches of superior quality wine. We also have 100,000 liter tanks to age wine.

The spirit of Kaikén permeates throughout the winery. With 1,500 barrels for aging and concrete tanks for a more efficient use of energy through innovative biodynamic practices, our processes meet the highest quality standards of contemporary winemaking.

Only imagination pushes the limits

A challenge is just a starting point for further development. Just when you think you made it, the line moves away a little further in an infinite spiral… unless you want to give up.  

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