We were born of the imagination


2001年, ,作为酿酒师和蒙特斯庄园的创始伙伴, 奥莱里奥•蒙特斯(Aurelio Montes) 拜访了阿根廷的门多萨地区。他立刻被这里的人民、风土、葡萄种植和酿造所吸引和打动。让他感到兴奋的是,这个敞开大门迎接创新的葡萄酒行业,既能够让他有所学习收获,又能给他提供贡献自己经验的机会。他看到了这片土地上将阿根廷葡萄酒推向世界的巨大潜力。


Rogelio Rabino


Rogelio Rabino was born in the city of Mendoza, Argentina and attended the Don Bosco School. He graduated from the School of Agrarian Sciences at the University of Cuyo in 2007 with a degree in Agricultural Engineering. He has continued his studies by participating in various post-graduate programs, courses, and seminars related to viticulture and enology.

Before joining Kaiken, Rogelio was the Viticulture and Enology Manager at Finca Sophenia for seven years and has also collaborated in the agricultural area of Viñas de Alto Salvador, which makes organic wines. He has also worked at the Rural Development Institute, making harvest forecasts, farm and zone reports, and working with the viticultural data network. He also taught Enotechnology I and Enological Practices at the IES-9-015 Institute for Higher Learning in the Uco Valley.

Rogelio participated in the 2009 crush season at Le Bon Pasteur, which until recently belonged to Michel Rolland in Pomerol, France, and in 2013 he visited châteaux in Sancerre and Pouilly-sur-Loire.

At Kaiken Rogelio will manage the winery’s three estates—called fincas—and use micro-vinifications to develop new varieties and terroirs in Argentina. He will also certify the standards of quality and position the production of high-end wines in the national and international markets.

Gustavo Hörmann

Viña Montes Winemaker

Gustavo Hörmann was born in Santiago, Chile, in March 1975 and graduated in 2000 from Universidad Católica de Chile as Agronomist with a Major in what became his passion; Viticulture and Enology, obtaining the best score of his generation in the graduation exam.

During his time at University, he was responsible for organizing and coordinating the “Sensory Evaluation Workshops” held as part of the Wine Diploma course presented by the  School of Agronomy and Forestry.

In 2002 he worked during harvest at Viña Montes, where he developed a close relationship with founder Aurelio Montes who, among other things, advised him in his travels to premiere wine growing areas around the world.

In 2004 Gustavo joined the Chilean Winemaker`s Association winning the “Best Chilean Enologist Exam” award.

In 2005 Aurelio Montes invited Gustavo to join Montes, where he was his right hand conducting day to day operations at the winery and managing Montes technical team and cellar.

In January of 2016, Gustavo moved with his family to Mendoza where he is responsible for Kaiken, Montes winery in Argentina.

Gustavo loves body boarding, is a good tennis and soccer player and now is testing his abilities as a golf player.

Gustavo has dedicated an important part of his life to social work. Together with his mother, he founded “Casa de Emmaus” and he is also  founder of PAS Corporation (Professionals for Social Action) in the Colchagua Valley where young professionals that want to do social work can fulfill their aspirations.

Gustavo is married and has two children.