Outstanding score for Kaiken Mai 2010 in Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate 2015 Argentina Tasting

2 September, 2016

Kaiken Mai 2010 received 93 points in the latest tasting of Argentinean wines by Luis Gutierrez, Wine Advocate taster for Argentina, Chile and Spain. For his report called “Argentina 2015: One Step Beyond”, Gutierrez tasted over 1.000 wines. In his words: “ The tastings showed me that more and more producers are following the path toward fresher, less-ripe, concentrated, sweet and oaky wines. Wines are becoming more location-specific to show that not everything is the same and that the grape variety is not the only difference”

am very happy with the scores that Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate gave our wines in 2015. This achievement pushes my team and me to keep our ongoing quest for quality looking to provide our customers around the world with a unique experience and very special moments every time they enjoy our wines, transporting them to our magnificent terroirs in Mendoza.

Aurelio Montes Jr. Winemaker